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Welcome to ChelseaBuild!

Welcome to ChelseaBuild and our first official blog post!!!

My name is Chelsea Bowie, the Chelsea in ChelseaBuild, but I'm sure you put that together on your own. I am a mom, an entrepreneur, a taco connoisseur and I happily run our homebuilding company with my husband, Jeremy.

Here we are!

Creating custom builds and renovation plans for our clients allows me to use my creativity for the good of others, but I still have so many ideas and general design nerdiness whirling around and can only send so many "oooh, look at this" texts to my husband before he bans me from Home Depot, Amazon, and possibly just from texting him altogether.

Which is probably why he suggested I start a blog...

So here I am!

If you love #progresspics that don't include weight loss, you're in the right place.

Although I might have some serious before and after pics to share of my arms after mudding my bathroom.

By reading this you're also saving my best friend from texts about which stone our clients chose for their kitchen counters, what a good plumbing bid looks like, and what it's like working with my husband.

Well, I'm honestly still going to text her about Jeremy.

But ya'll are basically doing a civil service.

I appreciate you and am so excited to share with you!


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