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Powder Bath Refresh Part 1

In April we were lucky enough to go to Dallas for Jeremy's birthday and, as we always do when we travel, we ate great food.

We found a Mediterranean style restaurant called Paradiso, and despite not having a reservation, we were somehow able to squeeze in for a late dinner. The food was delicious, but what really stood out to me was the impeccable style of the space.

This photo, found on Paradiso's website,, speaks for itself.

I mean, stunning.


The black framed accordion doors create an almost nonexistent barrier between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Marble and gold accents throughout elevate the atmosphere, while the tropical foliage and colorway transport you right out of Texas.

It's basically paradise. I could live there.

There's just a bunch of tables, but all I do is eat anyway.

Equally beautiful was the bar connected to Paradiso, Botanist Craft Cocktail Bar.

The best way to describe it is just to tell you that they brought us birthday shots in a beautiful brass swan.

It wasn't my birthday, but it felt like it was. I was in heaven.

Then I went to the bathroom.

I know that's not the turn you expected this story to take, BUT you knew a bathroom was coming up at some point, right?

Well, the bathroom sink had a GOLDEN SWAN FAUCET.

I mean, I needed it.

Please check back in to see how it turns out!!!

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