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  • Chelsea Bowie

Benjamin Moore Color Party

In October we were lucky to be invited to the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year Party held in Round Top, Texas during it's semi annual antique fair, which happens to be the largest antique fair in the nation. (If you've never been... GO!)

Like many events, Round Top Antique Show was cancelled during 2020, which made the October 2021 event feel busier than ever. There were vendors, artists, interior designers, and lucky shoppers everywhere and it was amazing to be a part of it all. Jeremy and I were sort of hoping to stumble upon a small silo somewhere amongst all of the preloved goods for an upcoming project, but no luck.

Keep your eyes peeled for us!

I was also sort of hoping a color party would involve paint being thrown around, but this was a much classier event. Benjamin Moore has done a wonderful job of tracking trends and it will probably come as no surprise that during 2021 there was a shift towards muted, earthy tones. I think we all needed a bit of grounding coming out of the pandemic and Benjamin Moore captured this perfectly in their 2022 Color of the Year, October Mist.

Mixing a bit of nature into our homes is an easy design trick and can make them feel warm and inviting. Greens, blues, and browns work well when tucked into a neutral color palette. This can be done with paint or you can start small by adding a few potted plants or natural wood pieces. At the color party, this was achieved with dramatic flair in the section we sat and I loved it! Don't I look like I belong?!

Until I can convince Jeremy to let me buy a green couch, I'll settle for a few monsteras or that glorious snake plant.

What do you think? Did Benjamin Moore get it right with October Mist?

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2021년 12월 15일

October Mist looks like a great, seemingly neutral color that would look great with lots of other colors!

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